Thursday, December 11, 2014


Iso 200. 75mm. f4.0. 1/50sec.
For this shot I was worried about my iso being low, to capture the dramatic light without blowing out the sunset.

iso 100. 51mm. f7.1. 1/125sec
To obtain the strong color of the sunset i used my lowest iso, and seeing as i was taking this picture from the back of a moving bus i used a fairly fast shutter speed.

iso 200. 125mm. f10. 1/1000 
Again for dramatic light, low iso. and again this was taken from a moving bus so i used a high shutter speed to stop the motion.
 iso 100. 18mm. f11. 1/400sec
Business as usaal. low iso for dramatic lighting. nothing beyond that.

 iso100. 55mm. f.22. 1/60sec
.... Low iso. Was playing with fstops like 13 and 22 to achieve the sunburst.

iso100. 18mm. f8.0. 1/200sec.
Seems the motif of my landscape shooting involves a low iso... i enjoy the dramatic light! My goal here was to capture the jesus rays and an fstop of 8.0 did that for me.


iso1600. 300mm. f16. 1/2000sec
Wish I could have left room in the frame for the top of the bell....

iso 1600. 55mm. f10. 1/250sec.
My considerations for this photo mostly involved the framing of the picture so that people would not be in the shot. As far as edited i slapped a graduated filter on the top right, as you can see, to black out some distracting neon signs and one vendor who was in the shot.

iso800. 20mm. f18. 1/800sec.

Considerations in making this photo were to keep people out of the shot, so i looked up! I also set the iso at a fairly low level to enhance the shadows, since there was ample light on this day.

iso 100. 18mm. f3.5 1.6 sec.

Making this photo was my my first attempts at night shots with long exposers. To avoid washing out the scene, i used a low iso and simply played around with intervals of shutter length until i got something that i liked. I didnt have my tripod so i was able to set my camera up on the railing and use a 2 second timer.

Iso 100. 18mm. f13. 1/400sec.
Since looking nearly directly at the sun i used my lowest iso, and achieve the star burst a fstop of 13 did the job.

iso100. 18mm. f11. 1/400sec.

just like before, low iso since looking towards the sun, and f11 to get the star in the sun.
The darkness in this photo is as a result of lightroom!


iso100. 10.5mm. f.8. 1/400sec
i took this one with my fuji xps. just trying to keep my head above water.

iso100. 5mm. f.3.9 1/480sec
and sometimes below water.

iso100. 55mm. f.10 1/320sec
A regal sea gull who i'm fairly certain was posing

iso 200 43mm f 5.0 1/6sec

iso 3200 25mm f.5.6 1/80sec

Crucial thing here was the iso being relatively high, since we were shooting in dim light.

iso200. 53mm. f8. 1/160sec

Christopher looking fabulous.

iso200. 55mm. f8. 1/200sec


iso200. 55mm. f.7.1 1/40sec
low iso and shutter speed.

iso6400. 300mm f7.1. 1/500sec

iso100. 37mm. f14. 1/500sec

iso100 37mm f7.1 1/400sec

iso3200 18mm f7.1. 1/20sec


iso100. 5mm. f3.9 1/180sec

iso400 5mm f3.9 1/17sec

iso64 4.15mm f2.2 1/30sec

iso 640 4.15mm f2.2 1/15sec

iso1600 51mm f5.6 1/2sec


iso400 5mm f5.6 5sec
Awaiting the travel ahead, foggy view from the villa

iso400 34mm f3.6 1/100sec
Flying out of Rome.

iso400 34mm f4.5 1/13sec
Gucci store in FCO.

 iso32 4.15mm f2.2 1/1600sec
And of course a crappy iphone picture from the window over the alps

 iso1600 18mm f16 1/640sec
Boston. Mass.