Tuesday, November 26, 2013

3 photo cretique

1. What first appears to be water I soon realized that it is actually clouds pouring over the ridge of a mountain. The photo deems to be divided diagonally into two parts from the top left to the bottom right which is the line that the ridge follows. There is a great deal of spacial depth in this picture. Starting with the trees in the foothills and rolling into the distance with the vast clouds. I imagine a very long exposure was used as well as a low shutter speed.

2. The subject of this photo is right smack in the middle, a rock poking out of the water or a shallow shore. The blured foreground exentuates the subject and causes your eye to look right at it. The photo is divided into thirds, with the horizon defining the top third and the bottom of the rock defines the lower. It 's a very "cool" photo. makes you feel as if you can feel the ocean breeze.

3. Holy Squirrel! An action photo if you will of a red squirrel. i would imagine this photo required a high shutter speed to capture the motion with of the squirrel without blur. the fact that the rest of the photo is blurred while the squirrel is not makes the squirrel the subject,