Thursday, December 12, 2013

10 final critiques

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I was immediately drawn to this picture for due to the fly fishing aspect! besides that it is a solid photo. There's a nice division of thirds in this photo. water, mountains, sky. I very much like how he captured the line in motion as well as the silhouette effect of the fisherman. The sun was also captured well, you can see the star pattern emitting from the sun.

This landscape photo of soda butte draws the eye immediately to the small rock formation in the foreground. Your eye then slowly retreats into the high peaks in the background. there is a high degree of spacial depth as a result. These colors seem like they are remaining true. It evokes lots of feeling of winter to me as if you can actually feel the cool mountain air.

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What a sunset! the blues and the red/pink clash so well. The tree in the bottom right corner provides a sort of relief for the eye and i feel it greatly benefits the composition! my eye is drawn towards the tree, and then creeps upward. but still im left wondering what is in the foreground!

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Im not sure what this is a photo of, but it a good one! I am a fan of how it is composed, with the water line at the 1/4 mark, the top of the mountains at 3/4 leaving the rest for the sky. He also did well to capture the reflection in the water, even if it is not crystal clear.

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As unfortunate as it is to see either gas or oil spilled in water, i cant help but admit that it is pretty. I can see all colors of the spectrum at play here. Not much else too it more than that!

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Although I can confidently say I do not enjoy spiders, I do enjoy this photo! She did well to make sure to capture the spider and his web in detail. The foliage also helps this picture by framing the subject spider. I am curious to see how this photo would look cropped of just the spider.

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SKIING! thats all that i can think about when I see this one. The diagonal slopes provides a certain appeal to this photo, The mountains are also in sharp detail. This photo has a strong composition, perhaps a black and white filter could do this photo some justice.

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First of job done on capturing lightning, thats dedication. I really like the ominous clouds spitting out lightning on the city. I also like the sort of blurred lights that you will naturally get when using long exposures. 

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As much as i hate running into these yucca plants when im out and about, I cant help but appreciate this photo. I enjoy the symmetry naturally provided by the plant, as well as the small strands of husk that are appearing. 

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Again with the spiders.. They make great subjects. This is a great result from a camera phone. I enjoy how much is camouflaged and how he actually resembles stamens. On a side note i am jealous of your sweet camera!

Thats all she wrote.

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

1.       ISO  50                  3.45mm                f/2.6      1/2300
2.       Iso-                        4.6mm                  f/2.8      1/150sec
3.       ISO 100                 4.6mm                  f/2.4      1/730sec
4.       ISO100                  4.6mm                  f/2.4      1/1400
5.       ISO100                  4.6mm                  f/2.4      1/640
6.       ISO 80                   5.64mm                f/4.0      1/640
7.       ISO 100                 4.6mm                  f/2.4      1/3700
8.       ISO100                  4.6mm                  f/2.4      1/30
9.       ISO100                  4.6mm                  f/2.4      1/150sec
10.   ISO100                  4.6mm                  f/2.4      1/125    
The following Photos belong to my end of the year presentation. It includes photos from my travels this soccer season as well as what I do in my free time.

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

3 photo cretique

1. What first appears to be water I soon realized that it is actually clouds pouring over the ridge of a mountain. The photo deems to be divided diagonally into two parts from the top left to the bottom right which is the line that the ridge follows. There is a great deal of spacial depth in this picture. Starting with the trees in the foothills and rolling into the distance with the vast clouds. I imagine a very long exposure was used as well as a low shutter speed.

2. The subject of this photo is right smack in the middle, a rock poking out of the water or a shallow shore. The blured foreground exentuates the subject and causes your eye to look right at it. The photo is divided into thirds, with the horizon defining the top third and the bottom of the rock defines the lower. It 's a very "cool" photo. makes you feel as if you can feel the ocean breeze.

3. Holy Squirrel! An action photo if you will of a red squirrel. i would imagine this photo required a high shutter speed to capture the motion with of the squirrel without blur. the fact that the rest of the photo is blurred while the squirrel is not makes the squirrel the subject,

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

2. This photo envokes a very warm felling due to the dramtic amounts of yellow, although it could very well be fall and quite chilly. It has some very balancing diagonal lines with the tree in the foreground as well as in the back. This helps to naturally frame the picture. the picture appears to have been taken using a low shutter speed which accounts for the water being a little streaky.

3. First of all what an awesome photo! The streaking lines of the water make the picture flow between the thirds, and the rocks provide a sense of structure and help the viewer desipher what is actually going on. It almost appears as if the photo has been given a negative filter.

4. This picture is distinctly divided into thirds, the harsh lines of the mountain ridge clash with the smooth blue of the night sky, and the whispy clouds sort of aid this transition. it envokes a stromg sense of awe in me. however the clouds somewhat abstruct us from viewing all the mountain.

5. again, we see a good example of a photo in thirds. the large guyser in the fore ground gives us a sense of depth, as does the treeline in the background.

6. immediately my eyes are fixed on the bright yellow subject, this is enforced by the blur in the background. we see a trend of similar shapes, a sort of triangle theme with the beak of the brid and the leaves of the trees.

7. an action shot of a bear if you will, the movement/ speed of the water is captured in the photo. The detail is seen both in the bear as well as the fish that he is holding.

8. The photo is devided nicely into thirds, with an emphasis on the moose in the foreground.

9. A very dramatic photo, a tad obscure. motion in the water is captured.

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Hello Humanoids,

The name is Michael Eggen, I am a Billings native and outdoor enthusiast! My hobbies include Rock Climbing, Cycling,  Floating and Fishing the rivers and most of all relaxing with my good friends. Throughout all my endeavors I feel that I have neglected to document such occasions as well as I could have been. That said, I am looking forward to participating in this photography class to get acquainted with the art of photography as well as add a new hobby to the list, Photography!

The following photos have been taken over the last several years using various mobile devices. I took these pictures without an intent of ever publishing them however I am eager to show all of you! I am also excited to begin using some more advanced technology to capture images and see what caliber of photographer I can become.

These first two photos were taken recently on my trip in Seattle. Taken with an 8mp camera phone.

This little rabbit hangs around our house up on Rimrock. He is becoming quite friendly and will even nibble at food from your hand! As for the spider, I noticed it at the Seattle Aquarium and thought it was worthy of a quick pic.

This landscape was captured out in Phipps park along the far south end of the park, looking out towards Laurel. The pattern in the crops was hypnotizing to me, though the picture does not do the feeling justice.
Found this moth drying and tending to his wings after a storm near the upper Stillwater after he was apparently injured.
This picture was taken atop the sacrifice cliffs that rise above the Yellowstone river on the east end of Billings. Just a nice day relaxing in the sun ;)
This is one of my favorite pictures I have ever taken because of its resemblance to the shape of the state of MT. It was all just too good to be true and I consider myself lucky to have this pic!

After a long day of climbing in Gregory hills we were greeted by this DOUBLE RAINBOW! Not something you see everyday. The landscape to the right is of Badlands National Park in ND. It really takes your breath away.

Again, I noticed this spider hanging out and thought it was pretty neat! And this is my mate Steve doing his thing up on the rocks. A route known as full sale which is considered one of the hardest around Billings.