Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Hello Humanoids,

The name is Michael Eggen, I am a Billings native and outdoor enthusiast! My hobbies include Rock Climbing, Cycling,  Floating and Fishing the rivers and most of all relaxing with my good friends. Throughout all my endeavors I feel that I have neglected to document such occasions as well as I could have been. That said, I am looking forward to participating in this photography class to get acquainted with the art of photography as well as add a new hobby to the list, Photography!

The following photos have been taken over the last several years using various mobile devices. I took these pictures without an intent of ever publishing them however I am eager to show all of you! I am also excited to begin using some more advanced technology to capture images and see what caliber of photographer I can become.

These first two photos were taken recently on my trip in Seattle. Taken with an 8mp camera phone.

This little rabbit hangs around our house up on Rimrock. He is becoming quite friendly and will even nibble at food from your hand! As for the spider, I noticed it at the Seattle Aquarium and thought it was worthy of a quick pic.

This landscape was captured out in Phipps park along the far south end of the park, looking out towards Laurel. The pattern in the crops was hypnotizing to me, though the picture does not do the feeling justice.
Found this moth drying and tending to his wings after a storm near the upper Stillwater after he was apparently injured.
This picture was taken atop the sacrifice cliffs that rise above the Yellowstone river on the east end of Billings. Just a nice day relaxing in the sun ;)
This is one of my favorite pictures I have ever taken because of its resemblance to the shape of the state of MT. It was all just too good to be true and I consider myself lucky to have this pic!

After a long day of climbing in Gregory hills we were greeted by this DOUBLE RAINBOW! Not something you see everyday. The landscape to the right is of Badlands National Park in ND. It really takes your breath away.

Again, I noticed this spider hanging out and thought it was pretty neat! And this is my mate Steve doing his thing up on the rocks. A route known as full sale which is considered one of the hardest around Billings.