Tuesday, October 1, 2013

2. This photo envokes a very warm felling due to the dramtic amounts of yellow, although it could very well be fall and quite chilly. It has some very balancing diagonal lines with the tree in the foreground as well as in the back. This helps to naturally frame the picture. the picture appears to have been taken using a low shutter speed which accounts for the water being a little streaky.

3. First of all what an awesome photo! The streaking lines of the water make the picture flow between the thirds, and the rocks provide a sense of structure and help the viewer desipher what is actually going on. It almost appears as if the photo has been given a negative filter.

4. This picture is distinctly divided into thirds, the harsh lines of the mountain ridge clash with the smooth blue of the night sky, and the whispy clouds sort of aid this transition. it envokes a stromg sense of awe in me. however the clouds somewhat abstruct us from viewing all the mountain.

5. again, we see a good example of a photo in thirds. the large guyser in the fore ground gives us a sense of depth, as does the treeline in the background.

6. immediately my eyes are fixed on the bright yellow subject, this is enforced by the blur in the background. we see a trend of similar shapes, a sort of triangle theme with the beak of the brid and the leaves of the trees.

7. an action shot of a bear if you will, the movement/ speed of the water is captured in the photo. The detail is seen both in the bear as well as the fish that he is holding.

8. The photo is devided nicely into thirds, with an emphasis on the moose in the foreground.

9. A very dramatic photo, a tad obscure. motion in the water is captured.